Love Ritual Box

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Learning to love ourselves can be a journey and it takes habit-forming practice to make it come naturally. Self-love can only come from us, but we can call into the power of other spiritual tools and healing stones to help us get there. This ritual box is perfect to practice some essential self-love or to gift to a loved one.

This beautiful ritual box contains:

Floral Sage Bundle smudge stick for cleansing your space.  Sage is used to cleanse the person from the outside world when entering rituals and ceremonies. Smudge Sticks are bundles of dried herbs and are bound.

Palo Santo wrapped with Lavender and Selenite. For centuries Palo Santo sticks have been burnt by Shamans in rituals to purify and cleanse their space, as well as being an energy cleanser. 

Healing Crystals for self-love 

Rose Quartz ‘The love stone’ this beautiful crystal connects you to love and stimulates the heart chakra. Rose quartz replaces negative energies with love and releases emotions and pain. It will enhance unconditional love and harmony in relationships while working to heal past wounds. Helps with inner healing and self-esteem. It is the best crystals for self-affirmations. 

Selenite ‘The master cleanser’ this crystal is excellent for promoting medication as it filters out the ego-based distractions and helps us to be in touch with our life purpose. It helps aid focus and concentration and dispel any confusion.

Self-love is important to living well, learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life. Your heart is your power and when you become the foundation of love in your own life it changes everything.

Each Ritual Box is recyclable, cruelty-free and natural.