Cancer Touch Therapy

Cancer Touch Therapy

At the heart of my professional philosophy is a commitment to aiding individuals, whether they seek a moment of tranquillity or pursue a more comprehensive approach to healing for a specific ailment.

Upon my initial training as a massage therapist, the prevailing wisdom was to abstain from massaging individuals affected by or recovering from cancer. However, evolving guidelines and research now indicate that such treatments can yield significant health benefits for both the body and mind.

Over the past few years, I have adapted my approach to accommodate cancer patients, constantly refining my techniques. In 2018 I underwent accredited training with the Made for Life Foundation, which not only enables me to use 100% organic products but also provides ongoing specialised support. This training has enhanced my skill set, allowing me to offer the best possible service to all clients.

In our journey through life, cancer touches most of us directly or indirectly. I aspire to extend my services to those navigating this experience, from patients to their families and caregivers. My mobility ensures that I can provide these services in the familiar surroundings of your home or holiday residence, a crucial option for those facing travel challenges.

The Made for Life Wellness treatments I offer are deeply nurturing and aim to alleviate stress while encouraging a mindful reconnection with nature. Through these meditative-style treatments, the mind and body access the parasympathetic state, gently transitioning into a 'state of allowing,' nurturing complete rejuvenation and immune-boosting relaxation.

All Touch Therapies incorporate Made for Life Organics and a variety of specialised relaxation techniques suitable for individuals living with cancer, as well as those grappling with anxiety and depression.


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