Facials at Home

The Secret Spa Organic Facials

Regular facial treatments bring countless benefits, regardless of your skin type. Primarily, they’re excellent for cleansing your skin and leaving it in impeccable condition.

A secret spa organic facial will exfoliate your skin, unclog your pores, remove dead cells, and leave you with smooth and soft skin.

The carefully designed organic face mask will moisturise your skin, nourish, rejuvenate, and protect it. The facial massage you’ll receive will improve blood circulation and encourage healing.

Treating yourself to occasional home spa treatments can work wonders for your physical and mental health. Our facial treatments are a holistic approach to skincare that will have an amazing impact on your appearance and skin health.

Radiance Facial 25/40/55 mins £30/£40/£60

This fantastic facial treatment is designed to eliminate congestion while restoring moisture to the skin. Revealing a bright, smooth and radiant complexion. This treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types so if you’re looking for a luxurious treat, we recommend it to anybody who is looking for brighter, more radiant skin.

Uplift & Rejuvenate Age Defying Facial 70 mins £70

Using a special combination of massage techniques from India (Ayurveda) and Japan (Anma), this amazing treatment is like an acupunctural facelift. The nine-stage, age defying deep cleansing and uplifting facial aims to prevent and reduce tension, facial wrinkles and age spots while improving the complexion by stimulating circulation and releasing toxins from the facial area. Using handmade French Green clay, which has exceptionally high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to restore and rejuvenate your skin. 

Your Secret Spa Skin Ritual 'Facial'