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Private Yoga with Human Compass

Private Yoga 

If you are considering starting yoga and would prefer to have private one to one sessions, then look no further, I can highly recommend Bonnie from Human Compass. If you find it difficult to attend group classes because of the timing, you are conscious about attending a group class for whatever the reason or if you are just wishing to take you existing personal yoga practice further. Having Bonnie travel to you is the perfect solution, whether you are living in Cornwall or on holiday. I found having one to one sessions with Bonnie fitted perfectly in with my own work schedule.

At Human Compass, they believe that every human has the potential to expand the quality of their lives. Our limitations are rooted in the body as physical, mental or energetically.  Human Compass supports YOU, the individual to find your own true north and expand your understanding as to what it is holding you back from achieving your soul purpose and why it is you were put on this planet. It might not be easy work, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Human Compass is based in Fowey, Cornwall, and run by 1500hrs Yoga Teacher Bonnie.  They offer yoga in the form of Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Pranayama, Mudra and Relaxation.  Bonnie is a spiritual healer offering Soul Guidance, Reflexology and soon, transformational mindset coaching.

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