Home Spa

Home Spa

Enjoy instant relaxation without having to venture outside your front door – an ideal way to include some downtime into the busyness of your day.  We can create a spa atmosphere and treat you to some luxury spa pampering without fuss, which means no traffic or parking problems, no need to dress up, and no extra time wasted or inconvenience caused. Relish spa treatments in the comfort and security of your own home (or holiday home) and retire instantly to bed for a deeply nurturing sleep.

All that is required is enough room for a massage table and a small area for spa products. In turn, simply switch off your mind (and your phone) as you escape the outside world and enter a well-needed state of rest and relaxation. A mobile spa package allows the flexibility and convenience for you to be pampered in style by professionally-trained therapists using gorgeously scented products that are 100% organic and made in Cornwall.

The bespoke luxury mobile spa service can deliver treatments at homes, holiday homes and therapy rooms throughout, mid-Cornwall and beyond. Offering a diverse range of mobile spa treatments delivered at your home. 

The ultimate in deep relaxation, massage and beauty therapy for an extravagant – yet utterly affordable – sense of self-indulgence.

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Call: 07411344779 for more information or email: info@thesecretspacornwall.co.uk

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