Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage also known as pre-natal massage can help relieve those everyday symptoms, you get in pregnancy.

Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy. As your baby grows, your posture changes and backache in the lower and upper back is common. Massage can help greatly as it will help loosen any tight muscles and help relieve tension in the back. Pregnancy massage also offers a number of benefits.

  • Reduced joint pain and improved circulation.
  • Reduced muscle tension and headaches
  • Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles.
  • A better night sleep and lift your mood.
  • It reduces stress, tension & anxiety.
  • It helps to restore postural balance.
  • It can help to normalise the range of motion of the joints.
  • It helps to speed up venous and lymph circulation, it brings nutrients to tissues and eliminates waste.
  • It helps to reduce swelling
  • It helps to normalise blood pressure.
  • It encourages deeper breathing and enhances internal respiration.
  • Helps to reduce pain and treats the common discomforts of pregnancy, preparing you physically, emotionally and mentally for the birth

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderfully nurturing whole body experience, that will allow you some special relaxation time, a fantastic treatment for any expectant mother in their second or third trimester. Pregnancy pampering massage uses only 100% natural and organic body oil and Mama & Baby skincare balm.

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