Private Yoga

Private Yoga

What happens?

Private Yoga sessions are tailored to the needs and personal goals of each individual.  You will be asked what you would like your goal or focus to be.

They can be any or a combination of the following:

  • therapeutic treatment of physical ailments or discomfort in the body.
  • individualised self-practice plans.
  • developing a deeper understanding of body mechanics/technique of a style, practice or pose.
  • personalised guided meditation practices.
  • exploring plateaus in your home practice.
  • learning more advanced practices, theories and the esoteric benefits of yogic practices.
You can take notes during your time. Or pictures of the poses you practiced can be sent to you at the end of the session.
You will get more support and direction than you would ever get at a public class.

Private Groups

Alternatively you can have a private group session giving you the opportunity to work within, small or larger groups.

The group could be you and your family, a couple of your friends, colleagues or for larger groups such as wedding parties.

Private sessions are especially useful if you are:

  • a beginner / returning to classes after a break.
  • wishing to take your existing personal yoga practice to a deeper level.
  • conscious about attending a group class for whichever reason.
  • limited on time to attend a group class

They can be scheduled as a one off booking, or on a regular basis. 

Location will be arranged at the time of booking.

 All classes are private and confidential. 

For all enquiries and bookings for current on-line yoga please email